Fat Grafting to the Butt (Brazilian Butt Lift) Ontario

I believe liposuction and fat grafting to the butt produces excellent results in both increasing the volume and shaping the buttocks. It also moves fat from an area we do not like to an area that we want more volume in!

The liposuction sculpts or improves the natural hour glass shape by performing liposuction in the abdomen, flanks, back and thighs. Then, the fat is utilized to help shape (heart-shaped or round) and to increase the volume of the buttocks. How much fat can be placed? Well that depends on the three main issues: (1) available fat (2) the amount the buttocks can “hold” (3) the size and shape that you want!

What is the recovery like? Typical recovery before being able to get back to work is about 1 to 2 weeks.

  • Could Frequent Sitting Affect Brazilian Butt Lift Results?

    My job consists of sitting down for 7 hrs, 5 days a week.  If I were to get a Brazilian Butt Lift would sitting on my rear end cause my butt to flatten or become oddly shaped?

    Hello and great question. After fat transfer to the butt, I do not want my patients to sit on their butt for the first week (except when going to the bathroom). The second week you can sit on your butt for short times to eat. At the 3 & 4 weeks mark I gradually start lengthening the sitting. After 4 weeks, there are no more sitting restrictions.

    I do think that sitting on your butt for that long at a time during the early course of the recovery can and will influence the amount of fat that survives and the can potentially change the shape of your buttock.

  • Is There a Set Price to Take Fat out of my Stomach and Put It in my Buttocks?

    I would like to get the fat sucked out of my stomach and get it put in my hip and buttocks area. Is there a set price for the two or is it two prices for two procedures?

    Hello, and great questions!
Yes! Your fat can be sucked out your tummy (and from anywhere for that matter) and then injected into your butt to give a voluptuous shaped butt.

    Surgeons may differ in how this procedure is priced. I will typically give an one price that is an all inclusive quote for the liposuction (Up to 5L which is the outpatient maximum) of the torso (Tummy, flanks, back, and thigh) to shape the butt and create an hour glass figure and to then process, inject, and sculpt the butt.

    I hope that helps; best of luck!

  • Fat Transfer to Buttocks

    I am 198 lbs 5’4. How much fat can I have transfered to my buttocks? I want a big butt – knowing I will lose some fat transfer, it makes feel more is better than less. I been saving for this surgery for so long, I dont want to be disappointed.

    Hi, great question. I think the amount of fat to transfer depends on 3 factors:

    1. How much fat is available to transfer. Typically, after processing of the liposuction fluid, the absolute maximum of good fat is about 50%. Most surgeons, myself included, will perform a maximum of 5 Liters of liposuction and feel comfortable sending you home the same day. The question then is: Is there enough fat to perform 5L of liposuction.
    2. How “stretchable” is the skin? Your skin will only accommodate so much fat. I liken it to individuals with earlobe gauges: you can not put a huge earlobe gauge in right away because the skin will tear and/or get infected.
    3. Finally, how big and curvy do you want to go? The bigger and curvier you desire, the more fat needs to be transferred.

    Base on your weight and height alone, I think you are going to be looking at a minimum of 750cc per side of fat alone.

    Another option to think about it the combination of butt implant and fat grafting to the butt to achieve extremely round and projected butt.

  • How Much Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Cost?

    I believe the cost of Brazilian Butt Lift is dependent on two things:

    1. How Much Liposuction are we doing?
    2. How Much Fat are we injecting?


    1. A Brazilian Butt Lift is achieved first by sculpting the flanks, waist, butt and hips with liposuction. If there is a significant amount of liposuction needed this will increase the price
    2. The more fat you want injected (or the bigger the butt you want), the more fat needs to harvested and purified. The purification process is extremely important. When fat is harvested there is a bunch of junk that comes with it (water, blood, tissue etc); injecting a high concentration of this “non-fat” particles will cause your butt to be swollen initially; but will decrease with time! In fact, I believe this is the reason why some people complain that their Brazilian Butt Lift did not last (after the swelling went down). Why am I discussing this? Because, unfortunately, the fat separation/purification takes time in the operating room; and this is not something that can be “sped-up” and definitely not something you want “short-cutted”

    As far as the question regarding your measurements of going from 36-30-40 to a 36-30-46:

    • The Brazilian Butt Lift is going to bring in your waist/torso measurement. This is because we need to sculpt your Butt and the “Hour-Glass” with liposuction. This means that in order to achieve the hour glass look, you may not need the hip measurement to be that large because the eye will already perceive a elegant curve from the decreased waist measurement.
    • But What if you already know that you want a certain “size”. Well, the truth is no one is going to be able to answer that question without seeing you in person; examining (1) how much fat you have (2) the quality of the fat available and (3) create a reasonable estimate of how much fat will be available after purification and (4) determine how much “give” there is in your skin
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

    A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is typically done as an outpatient procedure (you go home after surgery the same day) and has 2 aspects of recovery:

    1. Liposuction to the torso
      • Bruising and swelling are expected for the recovery. Bruising typically takes 1 to 2 weeks to subside. The swelling takes longer and doesn’t start to decrease until 3 to 4 weeks after surgery. It will typically take a total of 3 months for the majority of the swelling to be gone.
      • Firmness is also expected. This is partially due to swelling and partially a reaction to the liposuction. It also take at least 6 weeks to 3 months to soften. Starting at about 1 to 2 weeks after surgery; I encourage massage to soften the areas.
      • Compressive garments are worn at all times, except when showering, for the first 6 weeks. This helps to decrease swelling.
    2. Fat Transfer to the Butt
      • Sitting the first week is usually difficultbc the butt muscles are sore. Everyone has slightly different protocols/recoveries for sitting. The protocol I use:
        • Week 1: Sitting for the bathroom and quick meals
        • Week 2: Sitting for 30 minutes at a time, then standing up to shift your weight.
        • Week 3: Sitting for 1 hour at a time, then standing up to shift your weight.
        • Week 4: Sitting for 2 hours at a time, then standing up to shift your weight.

    Typically, most of my patients are back to work after 1 to 2 weeks. I think the most important thing to understand about the recovery is the swelling. This is because the swelling is going to obscure or hide the results and you won’t be able to see the drastic difference between the waist, butt, and hips until after the swelling has resolved; it takes at least 3 months to see that difference.

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