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I believe the first option in butt augmentation should be liposuction and fat grafting. However, there are the unlucky (or perhaps lucky!) few that simply do not have enough fat to sufficiently augment their buttocks. In these individuals, the buttocks is best augmented with an implant. The implants for the butt are sized in a similar way to the breasts to ensure we get a volume that you would like.

In some individuals, there is fat present but not enough to do a complete butt augmentation with fat; in these individuals, I like to get the majority of the shape and size with the implant and then perform liposuction with fat grafting at the same time. I believe this helps to “soften” the implant and it also gets rid of any pesky fat pockets!

  • How Much Do Butt Implants Cost?

    The cost of a butt implant is dependent on 4 things:

    1. The expertise of the surgeon
    2. The credentials of the surgery center & anesthesia
    3. Potential use of Liposuction of the flanks and saddle area
    4. The type of Implant

    Let’s look at each on these topics.

    1. Expertise and experience is extremely important. And it hold true in butt augmentation; especially when a butt augmentation is being performed with an implant!
    2. A highly credentialed surgery center has a higher cost. Quality control and SAFETY have inherent costs. If you cut these costs, you cut both quality and safety control.
    3. I typically like to perform liposuction at the time of implant placement. I do this becausee it helps to further sculpt an hour glass figure. Liposuction takes time and it is an additional procedure. Therefore, liposuction adds cost to the procedure.
    4. There are different types, styles, and manufacturers of butt implants. Usually, one of the standard implants is all that is necessary. But on a rare occasion, a custom or specialty implant may be required.

    The average cost for a butt augmentation with an implant ranges from $6,900 to $9,000 depending on the type of implant, if liposuction is performed, and/or if we adding fat grafting to further contour the buttocks.

  • Do Butt Implants Look and Feel Real with If a Thin Frame?

    Butt-implants are made from soft-silicone. Implants in the butt, like in the breast, can be positioned above or below the muscle. And just like in the breast, we (as surgeons) rely on your bodies skin to “hide” or “camouflage”. If you are very thin, it does not matter if the implant is above or below the muscle; because to some degree the implant can be felt and seen.

    As you go bigger in the size of the implant, your implant becomes more noticeable, less “real”, and you can “feel” it. At some point, based on your size, the implant will be too big even for fat grafting to conceal it.

    My first option for butt augmentation is: liposuction and fat grafting. If you don’t have enough fat, then my second option is: utilize a moderate sized implant, perform liposuction to further sculpt your torso, and utilize fat grafting to “soften” the implant, and contour your butt.

  • Are Butt Implants a Longer Lasting Solution Than Fat Transfer?

    Butt Implants are NOT a longer lasting solution than fat transfers. A fat transfer is currently the Gold Standard for butt contouring and augmentation. The main question is: “Is there enough fat to perform a butt augmentation with only fat grafting.” If you are very fit, the answer is likely no.

    However, even in extremely low body fat percentage individuals I can find fat somewhere. All of fat from somewhere that we would like to get rid off! And because of this, I favor using an implant with fat grafting. Why a combination? Because what separates an good butt augmentation from a GREAT butt augmentation is contouring the shape of the butt and torso. The liposuction and fat grafting can help to shape the hour glass and contour the buttocks. Therefore, I like to place the implant; then utilize liposuction to sculpt an hour glass and then place the fat around the implant to soften the edges and feel. Thus, creating not only a larger volume

  • How Long Do Butt Implants Last? When to Replace?

    Butt implants are made from a more solid silicone. The implants are intended to be a more permanent implant then a breast implant. As long as the butt implant is placed appropriately in the correct position and shape, it is unlikely the implant will need to be changed because of the implant failing or needing replacement.

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