Bra Fat and Back Fat Removal Newport Beach

Like fat around your tummy and chin, back fat is common and hard to get rid of.  Diet and exercise don’t always help. If you have tried exercise and other lifestyle changes, then you should look at surgical options.

Why Does Back Fat Occur?

There are several reasons why fat accumulates all over the body, especially the back. Major reasons are a few too many calories, aging, underused muscles, and a genetic disposition. Targeting specific areas for fat loss and exercising takes time. Another reason for these bulges could be the wrong size of bra. The good news – there are several cosmetic surgery treatments that work well for this area.

The amount of fat and skin determines the best way to treat it. If there is minimal excess skin; then liposuction alone will solve the problem. If there is extra skin, then we need to remove both the fat and skin. How do we know which procedure you will need; we determine that together in consultation.

Ideal Candidates for Bra and Back Fat Removal

Good candidates for bra and back fat removal are those who have a significant amount of stubborn fat in the area that does not respond well to diet and exercise. Women in general good health and a reasonable amount of back fat benefit from surgery. Dr. Nykiel will perform an examination of your body and ask you about your medical history to determine if you are a good fit for the treatment.

Recovery After Bra and Back Fat Removal

This procedure may involve the use of invasive techniques like liposuction to produce the desired results. In such cases, patients will experience some swelling and bruising in the treatment area, but this is temporary and will subside. You should also take some time off work and avoid performing strenuous physical activities for some time after the procedure. We’ll advise you on how long you can expect to recover during your consultation.

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