Thigh Lift Ontario

We all “hold” fat in different places on our bodies. Some of us hold the fat in our inner and outer thighs. If there is minimal excess skin sometimes we can tighten the skin and remove the fat with liposuction.

If there is a significant amount of skin, then we need to perform a formal thigh lift. Similar to an arm lift the goals are to remove the excess skin and artistically sculpt and design a youthful conical shape of thigh.

Sometimes, if there is a significant amount of fat, a thigh lift is best achieved in 2 stages. This is because if there is too much fat then I will not be able to get the skin tight enough. The first stage is liposuction to decrease the volume of thigh. Then, at least 3 to 6 months later, the thigh lift can be performed as the second stage.

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