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Greetings! Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. The purpose of this page is to outline and discuss what your consultation will include and what you should expect. I hope that you find it useful and informative. We strive and pride ourselves in delivering you the absolute best patient experience! We value and appreciate your candid feedback to help us improve. Enjoy!

Office Principles:

I believe setting principals and goals to a consult and/or patient experience is extremely important to our practice and it is a way for us to provide an excellent service. At your consultation we will:

  • Not charge a consult fee. Our office does not believe that it should cost you money simply because you are interested in learning about a procedure.
  • Listen to your goals, objectives, and wishes. I cannot emphasize this more! If you are coming in to discuss a specific procedure, our office will not recommend additional procedures for you that you were not inquiring about. We will not discuss additional procedures that “you should do” that have nothing in common with what brings you into the office. Conversely, we will let you know if there are other options you should consider if it aligns with your patient goals, i.e. a breast lift with an augmentation.
  • Provide a comprehensive consultation. I believe this means reviewing the procedure, both the positives and the negatives. There is no surgery that is “risk-free” and I believe in order for you to determine if you would like to undergo a procedure you need to understand both the potential benefits and potential risks of the procedure. In addition, you will be provided with an all-inclusive surgical price quote, i.e. Anesthesia, Operating Room, Implants (if any), Surgeon Fee, Labs etc. These price quotes are guaranteed for up to 3 months. We do this because we encourage you to take time and think about the procedure. We never want you to feel pressured from our office.
  • Excellence in Your Experience. Our office strives to give you the absolute best patient experience. This goal is only second to patient safety! From the moment you set foot in our lobby, to the initial consultation, to the ease of contacting our office we will always strive to give you the absolute best patient encounter! We want you to have such fond memories of our office and your experience that you will think us for all of our services: Surgery, Injectables, non-invasive body contouring, and Medical Spa.
  • Your Safety. Our office will never compromise your safety. If it means telling you it is unsafe to perform the procedure, then I will. If it means referring you to another physician, then I will. There is absolutely nothing more important to me or our team than your safety. This goes for our very first consultation to our very last post-operative visit.

Consultation and Evaluation:

At your Consultation, please plan on arriving at least 10 minutes to complete necessary paperwork. If you would like, this information can be sent electronically so that it can filled out prior to your arrival. After completion of your paperwork you will be taken to a consultation office where:

  1. Listen to your goals, wishes, and surgical objectives.
  2. Review your Medical History
  3. Discuss the Details of the Procedures
  4. Look at Pre- and Post- Operative Photos
  5. Perform an examination and discuss how the procedure may relate directly to you!

Treatment Plan:

At the end of our consultation, I will discuss your different options and we will decide on the best option for you. After our meeting, you will meet with my patient coordinator to receive an inclusive price quote.

  • The Price Quote will include: Anesthesia Fees, Operating Room Fees, Surgeon Fees, Implant Fees (if any), and Labs. Therefore, you will know your Total Cost at the end of your consultation. You do not have to worry about hidden costs, surprise fees, or additional expenses.
  • The Price Quote is honored for at least 3 months. We encourage you to think about and discuss your surgical procedure with your loved ones. In addition, we encourage multiple consults and do not want you to feel like you are “squeezing in multiple visits”.
  • If you choose to have your surgical procedure with myself we will decide on a date for surgery and set up a pre-operative visit. At your pre-operative visit, we will have you perform sizing (if needed), review the procedure, and answer any questions you have about the upcoming procedure. Then we will set up an initial post-operative visit date, and provide you with probable subsequent post-operative visit dates. This way you will have all the important dates for your schedule.

If you have any questions regarding the consultation process please contact the office at: (909)-291-4900 or Email at:

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