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Liposuction has made major improvements in techniques over the years. However, the single most important factor is the individual performing the liposuction. Why? Because liposuction is as much art & sculpting as it is surgery. How is that hour glass figure created? How is muscle definition created? By intuitively seeing what needs to be done and then artistically sculpting the result. And that is solely based on the individual performing the liposuction.

Now this is not to say that modern techniques have not improved liposuction results. I believe that they have. In addition, I use the modern/advanced liposuction options and treatments; I believe that they help to give that “little extra” result!

  • Liposuction Vs. Tummy Tuck – What’s the Difference?

    Frequent Question: “I’ve had 3 kids and definitely need some help in my stomach area, but I’m not sure if I would need liposuction, a tummy tuck, or both to get the pre-baby look I want.”

    The main differences between these two procedures is that a tummy tuck has the ability to:

    1. Remove excess skin
    2. Tighten the tummy muscles

    Liposuction removes excess fat and it will cause the skin to tighten a small amount. If there is a significant amount of fat, then liposuction will not be able to tighten the skin enough compared to the amount of fat that was removed. A great example is: people that undergo weight loss procedures are left with excess skin. And a similar situation can be re-created if a large volume of liposuction is performed in the setting of loose and/or excess skin.

    Individuals that are the best candidates for liposuction are:

    • Those that Do not have loose skin
    • Those that Do not have a significant amount of deep thin stretch marks
    • Have a flat tummy when they tighten their tummy muscles
    • Do not have a significant amount of extra skin that will remain after liposuction

    Tummy Tucks removes excess skin and tightens the tummy muscles. This procedure is typically performed after childbirth and/or weight loss. Both childbirth and/or weight gain/loss causes the tummy muscle to loosen and splay apart. This can create a bowstring appearance to the tummy. And no matter how fit you are, the tummy will still be loose and not flat. Tightening the tummy muscles is what helps to improve the flatness to the tummy. Excess skin can is then removed and the remaining skin is tightened. In addition, I will typically perform liposuction to the upper tummy and the flanks in order to help sculpt an hour glass appearance.

    Finally, please be careful when trying to make this decision based on photos you find on the internet. I think there is a significant amount of “touched-up” photos purporting what liposuction is able to accomplish.

    The BEST way to determine if you would be treated better with a tummy tuck vs liposuction is by a consultation; explaining your areas of concern; and then going over the different treatment options.

  • Liposuction Alternatives

    Frequent Question: “I have no interest in undergoing full liposuction surgery procedure. The cost, pain, recovery etc are not appealing. I read about lots of lipo alternatives that don’t require so much of investment in money and risk. Can someone explain these, pros/cons.”

    Hi and great question! The motto, “If it is too good to be true…” really holds weight here. I wish there were good alternatives to liposuction. Currently, there are 2 main alternatives to liposuction: freezing your fat (Cryolypolisis) vs heating your fat (Laser)

    Let’s Discuss The Different Aspects From These Procedures:

    • Downtime: This is really the only advantage to liposuction alternatives. They typically have a faster or less “Downtime”.
    • Fat Removal: Liposuction alternatives right now can remove maybe 1 inch from your waistline at best! Unfortunately, this is not from 1 treatment. This would require multiple separate treatments. Liposuction, on the other hand, can transform your entire shape in 1 procedure.
    • Treatment Time: Surgery is a not a small commitment. Unfortunately, neither are the liposuction alternatives. The most popular alternative on the market right now requires around 4 hours of your time per treatment and you will likely need at least 4 treatments. If you factor in the multiple treatments with the time per treatment, the commitment time between surgery and the alternatives are about even.
    • Cost: The cost per treatment of liposuction alternatives is about half the cost of formal liposuction. However, when you factor in the need for multiple treatments, the cost of liposuction alternatives can significantly exceed the cost of liposuction.
    • Complications: Surgery has the potential for rare significant complications. The more common complications i.e. fat hardening, fat firmness, skin discoloration from formal liposuction can also happen from the alternative liposuction treatments.

    I think the alternative liposuction treatments have a limited role in treatment options to patients because they currently have limited results. I think the ideal patient is one that has minimal excess fat that is in a very accessible location. Outside of that, I think you are making a lot of sacrifices by choosing a liposuction alternative to surgical liposuction.

    I hope that helps. Best of luck!

  • How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

    Liposuction is a highly variably priced procedure. Why? Liposuction is a combination of artistic sculpting and the use of a machine, i.e. the liposuction machine.

    • A liposuction machine can only remove fat at a certain rate. Therefore, if a large volume/amount of liposuction needs to be done this will require a longer time in the operating room. Thus, the more liposuction that need to be done; the longer it takes in the operating room; and the more it costs.
    • Reputable certified operating rooms are provide an added layer of quality control & safety. Both quality control & safety incurs an expense.
    • Depending on the area(s) you want treated by liposuction it may require position changes during surgery. Position changes take time in the operating room and therefore add to the cost. Why does this matter? Because while combining additional areas of liposuction typically can result in a lower cost; if the additional areas require position changes then this cost savings may not be as significant.
    • Great liposuction is separated from average liposuction by an artistic eye and sculpting. Just like an artistic painting or sculpture, this requires delicate shadowing, blending, and feathering… and this takes time.

    My advice that I give to my family and friends are:

    • Safety and Quality Control incurs an expense.
    • Great Liposuction Results requires time for artistic sculpting
    • Be extremely cautious when “price shopping” for liposuction because att some point, in order to cut costs, the artistic time gets cut and most importantly the Quality Control or Safety gets cut either because the surgery is being “rushed” or a lower tiered surgery center is being utilized.
  • Liposuction Recovery

    Liposuction recovery is variable and depends on:

    • Amount of Liposuction
      The more Liposuction; the longer the recovery. If it is a small area then, I think 3 to 5 days off from work is sufficient. If it is a large amount of liposuction, then I think you will need at least 1 week off from work. Some individuals may find that they recover faster and are able to go to work sooner. I think it is always safer to go back to work earlier rather than needing to request more time off. Please remember this is the time needed to “recover” from the surgery; it does not address bruising or swelling.
    • Location of Liposuction
      Certain areas take longer to recover from then others, i.e. liposuction of the thighs has a longer recovery because you are always moving that area when you walk. Conversely, liposuction of the chin has a relatively shorter recovery.
    • How strictly You are wearing the compression garments
      The more diligent you are about wearing the compression garments, the quicker the swelling will go down. You will not be able to see the “full” results from liposuction until after the swelling has resolved. Swelling begins to go down at 6 weeks; but it takes at least3 months for all swelling to go down.

    In addition liposuction will cause bruising. Typically, bruising takes on average 1-2 weeks to resolve. This is important to remember when deciding how much time you will need for recovery. Because even though you are fully “recovered” from surgery, you may not want to be seen until resolution of the bruising.

  • Liposuction Swelling – How Long Until It Goes Down?

    Swelling after liposuction is a HUGE nuisance! Swelling, firmness, and the feelings of “lumpiness” will absolutely be present after liposuction. It takes at least 6 weeks for this tobegin to decrease. However, it will take at least 3 months to fully resolve; but this process may take up to 1 year; it is highly dependent on the individual.

    What can you do to decrease these findings?

    • Wear a compressive garment at ALL times except when showering
    • Make sure to downsize your garment immediately when you notice it feels loose.
    • Begin lymphatic massage about 2 weeks after surgery and continue until the swelling and firmness have resolved
    • Ideally, perform some amount of “self-directed” massage daily.

    Early in the recovery (3 months or earlier), do NOT stress about firmness. swelling, or lumpiness. It takes time to smooth out and for swelling to go down. And remember, some individuals may take up to 1 year for this to resolve!

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